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*What is uplighting?

Uplighting is a type of lighting design used to embellish any space for a wedding, party or dance. It will magically transform your event center, hotel conference room, ballroom, tent, or outdoor party space. Uplighting employs specially designed light fixtures that are focused to shine upward. They can highlight certain architectural features in a room such as columns or window bays, or they can be used to entirely "wash" a room in a desired color, creating a particular feeling, ambiance or mood.


*Do you deliver, setup, and pickup?

Yes, we come the day of your event and setup well ahead of time.  The lights will be positioned, and programmed the color of your choice.  After the event is over, we pickup all the lights.  You don't have to setup up anything.



*What are the advantages of wireless LED lights?

The advantages of wireless LED lighting are numerous in terms of technical issues, safety, energy consumption and aesthetics. Wireless lighting allows us to position our lights wherever they'll be most effective, without having to worry about complex electrical wiring and power logistics. With wireless lighting there are no potentially dangerous wires, power strips or tape-covered cables for your guests to trip over. LEDs are also safer because they are cool to the touch so you don’t have to worry about anyone burning themselves on the light by accident. Finally, our wireless lights are good for the environment. They run on long-life rechargeable batteries. They draw no power from your venue -- so no risk of blowing a fuse -- and the power consumed in recharging is a tiny fraction of the power burned in conventional lighting.


*What colors are available?

Your choice of colors is almost infinite. We offer a range of popular preset colors and we also can mix red, green and blue in varying proportions and intensities to create just the hue you want. Some of the most effective colors for wedding and event uplighting include pink/fuscia, red, purple, blue, teal/turquoise, green, yellow, orange/amber, and white.


*Are all LED uplights the same?

No. The uplights rented out by DJs and DIY services tend to be cheap, low-quality, narrow-beam lights, typically with a beam angle of 20 to 30 degrees. They can light a column but they cannot color en entire wall and ceiling.  We use the highest quality professional lighting system on the market, producing a super-wide 120-degree angle beam that will wash an entire wall and ceiling with even color. This wide-angle beam ensures our clients get the rich, high quality, result they desire.


*What's a gobo?

A gobo is a custom monogram projection on a wall or floor. The term is derived from the theatrical world:  “Go Between” or “Goes Before Optics.” It is a disc (metal, glass or plastic) that is cut into a stencil so that when it is installed in a special projector, the light travels through the stencil producing the enlarged monogram design on the surface upon which it is projected. It's typically a projection of white light, but it can be designed in colors as well.


*Where can I project my custom monogram?

The best place is a wall rather than the floor.  The wall offers more visibility all night long, has a bigger WOW impact, and doesn’t disappear when people are dancing. It also looks great in your photos!  


*Do you have  designs/templates for the gobo?

Yes, I can send you an email with 71 different templates to choose from.  You will definitely love some of the designs.


*Why do I need pin spots?

Without pin spots your beautiful cake and centerpieces risk remaining in the dark and unnoticed by your guests. Pin spot lighting will make these important items "pop out" dramatically from from their surroundings. Pin spots produce an ultra-narrow, focused beam, typically in the range of 3 to 5 degrees. A high-quality pin spot will focus on an object and not go any wider (called "spill" ). And unlike uplights, they will be positioned from above (when we can use the magnets on the lights) to ensure guests do not directly encounter their bright beams. We uses pin spots to highlight any small area such as a centerpiece, cake table, head table, gift table, mirror ball, picture or anything you want to draw attention to. 


*How about DIY uplighting?

DIY uplighting companies are happy to rent you equipment at an attractive price.  If you have experience with lighting design this may be a good option. If not, it may be a poor investment and make you unhappy. The problem is that your space is unique, with its own set of variables: geometric shape, ceilings, lighting, beams, columns, drapes, curtains, etc. You'll need to understand enough about lighting dynamics to answer the following:

  • What kind of lights do I need for my particular space?

  • How many uplights, and of each type, should I rent? 

  • Will the particular uplights for rent provide a full-color wash for my entire room or just give me lighted stripes?

  • Will the light reach and fill the ceilings with color, too?

  • How do I configure the lights to achieve the colors and intensities required for my space? 

You can only guess the answers, and most do-it-yourselfers who are trying to save money invariably guess wrong. So they end up spending a good amount and still failing to create the special elegance they wanted.

*Why can't I just get uplights from my DJ?

Professionals dedicated to one service will invariably produce better results for you.  You hire a professional DJ to deliver the music you want and keep the evening entertainment flowing. He's simply not going to be able to put the time and attention into creating the elegant lighting you seek and maintaining it for you throughout your reception. And most DJs do not have the quality and quantity of equipment necessary to color-wash an entire ballroom.


*Can I count on the battery lights lasting throughout my event?
Yes, our lights last up to 20 hours -- more than double the longest weddings!


*My venue has uplighting installed, why do I need your uplighting?


  • Our lighting looks better than your venue's lighting. Banquet halls use "DJ-rated" lighting and we use professional lighting (the same kind you see on the side of buildings or in a professional theater). Professional lighting is brighter and uses higher-quality lenses over the LED's to produce a crisper beam of light, whereas LED lighting with low-quality lenses looks pale and dull.

  • We are able to program our lighting to any exact specific color you want. We can program color combinations as well. Your venue is either unable to program their lighting or they cannot program their lighting to the level that we can program our lighting.  Most venues have the cheaper lights that can only make colors using the RGB, Red, Green, Blue combinations.  All of my lights are RGBWA+UV (Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber, & Ultra Violet) which will allow you to make ANY color including Pastel colors.


My venue will only allow me to use their uplighting, so how do I get your higher-quality uplighting?


  • Contact your venue and insist that you want to alter your contract because you want higher-quality uplighting.

  • Your venue might tell you that they don't have to change the contract but they also want to keep you happy and don't want a negative review from you concerning their level of service and customer satisfaction.

  • Mention that you will write a review about how they are not flexible with you and that should persuade them to be more flexible.


*Do you have insurance?
Yes, we carry full liability insurance in the amount of $2 million.

For any additional questions, please contact us directly.

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