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We Provide, WIRELESS Up Lights, Custom Name Monogram Light Rental, "Dancing On a Cloud" (fog), Cake Lighting, COLD SPARKLERS and Pin Spot Lighting on Centerpieces. We setup & pickup so that's the least of your worries on your event day.


​We have 90+ WIRELESS uplights, with wifi, that we can create ANY color to match your decor. You can also change the color of the lights with just a push of a button on a tablet. Our lights last up to *20 hrs and they have Red, Blue, Green, Amber, White and UV LED's to create ANY color including pastels colors. We can also control the level of brightness.

(The cheap $89 up lights (Red, Blue, Green LED's) will not allow you to make custom colors to perfectly match your decor and they will not make pastels. Not to mention, they are the lights that have power cables, extension cables and themselves are not as powerful as ours.

(YES! Their is a difference in Uplighting, Compare our pictures to the competition.)



 (Minimum of 20)


"Cold Sparklers"

Cold Sparklers are amazing, NON-flammable, NO Smoke, NO odor, NO smell, and do not require a pyrotechnics license to use.   This is by far what adds the Ultimate WOW Factor to your event.
The people in attendance will be in Amazement!
Add this great effect to your wedding or event safely and affordably.   
Definitely adds the
WOW Factor! 


IMG_0462 2.JPG

Digital Monogram

A monogram is your custom name in a beautiful design that can be displayed on the walls or dance floor of your event area. We use 5000 Lumens High Definition Projectors to display your custom monogram on the wall for the brightest and highest quality image possible. We do not use the cheap inkjet or the old school gobo metal monogram because they only produce a blurry and dim result. You spend a lot of money on your event so you definitely want the Highest clarity monogram to be projected on the wall. This is a major focal point that everyone will see and will take a lot of photographs of. We have over 100+ templates to choose from for an easy selection (or we can create your own custom monogram using any image you have). 
*The newest service we offer are ANIMATED MONOGRAMS where the design actually moves. 


Custom Name DIGITAL monogram 


Textured Walls/Designs

Another great feature to add to your event room is "textured" walls or designs. This is a custom image that can be projected on the walls, ceilings and floors - also known as "Leko Lights". These lights allow us to put a beautiful texture or design on just about any surface. This will give your room the ULTIMATE look and will set it apart from ANY other room that you or your guests have ever been in. 

"Dancing on a Cloud"

Dancing on a cloud, which is also commonly known as Dry Ice Fog, will put your guests in total amazement! What better way to be introduced as husband and wife than to have your 1st Dance on a Cloud. This cloud is completely odorless and it basically stays below your waist and knees. It is specifically designed to lay low to the ground and to dissipate fairly quickly. Picture after Picture and Video after Video will be taken during this time. Give your guests another reason to tell everyone how fabulous and unique your wedding was!

*Totally safe In ANY Venue!

"Thick and Fluffy" Cloud

Cake Lighting

​We have over 60 Wireless Pin Spot lights. We have 2 different types that can be used in a variety of ways. 

1. These small LED lights have up to

6+ hrs of battery life. *Sometimes we are able to hang them from above if there is drop down ceiling rails or anything magnetic to attach them to.  We also have a few select color filters where we can change the light color. On/off remote is included. Pin spot lighting is a must have to see the details when lighting a wedding cake. You spend $500+ on a cake and you do not want it sitting in the dark.  Your Beautiful cake is a focal point

at ALL weddings.

2. We also have 10 pin spots pack on a 12 foot stand that is raised in the air to light up centerpieces and or Estate Tables. The light beam can be adjusted from 3-20 degrees. The color of the light can also be adjusted from an LED pure white light to a more Natural color white light. The Brightness can also be adjusted from 25%-100%. These lights give you much more control over the exact look that you want.  (Total Wireless)

Our Services Include....

♦️WIRELESS Uplighting

♦️360 Swirl Cold Sparklers

♦️UP Cold Sparklers and ”Down”  Cold Sparklers  

♦️Intelligent/Motörhead Lighting

♦️Dance Floor Club Lighting

♦️LED sticks and stands

♦️Digital Custom Monograms

♦️Dancing on a Cloud (Dry Ice)

♦️Cake Pin Spot Lighting

♦️Pin Spot Lighting of Centerpieces

♦️Textured/Patterned Walls 

♦️Spot Light (Theater Spot Light)

♦️COLD Indoor/Outdoor Sparklers

♦️Glow Party Packages (UV lighting)

♦️HUGE & Medium Bubble Machine

♦️Wash Lighting (Room/Ceiling/Tent)

♦️Continuous Fog 

🔷Snow Machine    ❄️(WinterWonderland)

🔶Disco Mirror Ball

♦️Co2 Cannons & Confetti Cannons

♦️Co2 Jets / for Staging

♦️Co2 Confetti Blast (Any Color)

♦️Laser Lights / Club Effect

♦️50ft LED Rope / (Balloons)

♦️RED Carpet Lighting 

♦️Search Light for the Sky

** $150 deposit to secure date and lighting package.  

Limited Availability!!

(Payments can be made on Balance.

Final balance is due 2 weeks prior to the event date.

“Lighting is the 🔑 “! 





Pin Spot Lighiting On Centerpieces
Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Contact us!
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